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Middle East and North Africa Editors Network (MENA editors) is a global network founded in Denmark and Turkey concerning with the Media field worker (editors, journalists and media professionals) in the region of the Middle East and North Africa aims to be the largest circulation network in this region.



    • Acting as a broad-based membership organization for editors, journalists and media professionals in MENA region.
    • Advance the level proficiency of Media field worker by arranging events, holding trainings, issuing periodicals and networking.
    • Improving performance and skills of journalists and media professionals through activities, events, training courses and forums
    • Encouraging diversity in public enlightenment professions.
    • Promoting principles of ethical practice of public enlightenment professions.
    • Defending the free practice of all forms of journalism and extending the necessary support to journalists and media professionals (consulting, legal defense, direct financial aid).




MENA Editors membership may be granted to editors, journalists and media professionals based in MENA region. Honorary membership may be granted to such professionals who are based beyond the MENA region.

Evidence on practice of profession shall be presented along with the membership application.


Proposed Activities

  • Networking both internationally and at the level of each nation of MENA region.
  • Domestic and international training courses, workshops and seminars.
  • Creating funds for specific purposes (e.g. legal defense fund, financial aid fund)
  • MEN Annual Conference, with speakers and lecturers from all countries of the world, to be hosted in MENA region. Proposed events of MEN Annual.


Conference includes

  • Awards for winners in journalist competitions. Special committees will be formed to receive and evaluate works.
  • Awards for winners of translation competitions. Awards will be granted to the translators of latest references and international updates in the media field into Arabic language.
  • Media technology exhibition, which will present the state of the art technology and equipment in the media field (photography, press room, printing and layout equipment)
Mena Editors Network
MENA Editors Network is a global network of editors in the Middle East and North Africa, registered in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Morocco.


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