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Middle East and North Africa editors (MENA) editors Network seeks to invest and improve the energies and skills of the Journalist and Media workers in MENA region by training them, developing their performance, and providing mechanisms and channels for communication and acquaintance between them.

The network works to overcome all obstacles to achieve mutual benefit for all parties in the media industry by providing training, consultations, networking, and exchange of experiences, and adopts initiatives to support independent media while providing professional training grants, linking academic studies with practical applications, and encouraging scientific translation to enrich Arab media content, by cooperation and partnership with international training and academic institutions with experience, efficiency and professionalism in this field.

The network includes in its advisory body a group of Arab press and media leaders from the heads of journalist associations and members of the councils and heads of international press federations, in order to enhance opportunities of communication, innovation, development and exchange of experiences


Constellation of members of the advisory board of the Middle East and North Africa Editors Network

Alsadiq Al zoraiky
Alsadiq Al zoraikyAfrican Federation of Journalists
Mohamad Salim Wild Aldah
Mohamad Salim Wild AldahSyndicate of Journalists of Mauritania
Esmail Rashad
Esmail Rashad Member of advisory board - Libya
Waled El lafy
Waled El lafy Member of the advisory board – Libya
Ahdiah Ahmed
Ahdiah Ahmed Head of Journalists Association - Bahrain
Dr.Zoheer El Abaad
Dr.Zoheer El AbaadChairman of Kuwait Journalists Syndicate
Mosaab Saud
Mosaab Saud Member of advisory body– Syria
Dr. Hassan el Magmar
Dr. Hassan el MagmarNetwork legal advisor
Azad Hamad Amen
Azad Hamad AmenSyndicate of Journalists - Kurdistan
Moayad El -Lamy
Moayad El -LamyHead of Arab Journalists Union
Gaber El Harmy
Gaber El HarmyMember of the Advisory Board – Qatar
Sameer Matar
Sameer MatarPresident of Journalists Association – Syria
Ayman Salah
Ayman SalahMember of Advisory Board for Training Affairs
Abdullah Saafeen
Abdullah SaafeenMember of Advisory Board for Training Affairs
Mena Editors Network
MENA Editors Network is a global network of editors in the Middle East and North Africa, registered in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Morocco.


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